Here are photos of my work, recent pieces and less so. Please follow my instagram for additional photos.

I love using the potter’s wheel. All my porcelain pieces are thrown, turned, sometimes inlaid with a decoration of houses, or altered with cuts and perforations.

They are raw glazed on the inside, and sometimes on the outside (it is quite nerve wracking to glaze raw!), and singled-fired to the high temperature 1280C.

The mix of porcelain and wood is recent. The branches are collected in the nearby forest. I choose them for their shape and twisted look. They are clean with a metal brush and with water, then a varnish is applied for solidity. They are then drill through before being securely fixed to the porcelain with a metal rod. The string is only for decoration.

The theme of the houses is found in the inlaid decoration on some porcelain (I carve the clay, add the colours, scrape the excess before glazing), or when one or several miniature houses are added on some branches.

For the relief house decoration, subtil and tone on tone, I use a roller stamp that I carved so the imprints look like the decorative stoneware houses I still make. My production is now focusing more on utilitarian pieces.