Beautiful pieces for everyday, pieces that bring pleasure on a daily basis. I design and make functional, porcelain pieces that are unique or come in small series. The shapes are simple and pure, the surfaces are soft and attractive.

The theme around houses is dear to me since the beginning. A house reflects both the sense of connection we feel for our home and land, but also of curiosity for unknown places and countries. A house is a place that is essential to all, and each individual will transform and adapt the space to make it its own, to make it ‘hygge’, as described so accurately by the Scandinavians. A house is a reflection of oneself.

Porcelain has specific characteristics and brings thinness, whiteness, purity, translucidity and strength. Elegant and simple, the shapes I create are a perfect complement to the wood I recently included in my work. It is a tribute to the beautiful forest surrounding my village, and forests everywhere that are mistreated.

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The workshop and the making of a porcelain cup

The workshop in Samois